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Departments to date: Real Estate, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Employment and Procurement

8.30am: I typically arrive in the office between 8.30am and 8.45am. This allows me to ease in to the day ahead and make the first of many coffees! I also have a chance to catch up with my colleagues.

I’m currently in my third seat, which is a split seat between Employment and Procurement. I’m also on a part-time secondment, so suffice to say my week is varied and busy!

I’m fortunate to have a degree of autonomy, which is something that TLT are really great at encouraging in their trainees. I’m able to run my own cases, liaise with clients and provide advice, all with the appropriate level of supervision where required. Everyone in the office is very approachable, which helps when I have numerous questions. Being a trainee, there can be a level of apprehension when unsure on how to proceed with a piece of work. It certainly helps having colleagues who are so helpful. The slogan for Glasgow is "People Make Glasgow". Work is no different - we are a friendly bunch, and it is great to have a supportive team around you to discuss things with.

My day begins with checking my emails to see what has come in since I left the office the previous evening, and allows me to prioritise my workload. I usually catch up with my supervisor, to see if any assistance is needed and to discuss what is required for the day.

9.30am: In Employment, I regularly assist with piecemeal queries from clients. This involves undertaking research and summarising the advice for the client in practical terms. I research, summarise and send to my supervisor for approval. I implement any amendments that are required and then send on to the client. I subsequently move on to my next task – to provide input in terms of business development and social media. It’s great to get involved not only with the legal work, but also the wider business too.

11.30am: A task for Procurement has come in from our Manchester office; it's great to be able to work with the other offices! Procurement involves the purchasing of goods, works or services by public bodies, and our job is to provide legal advice on this. There are strict regulations which apply here; with quite significant potential consequences should a public body not adhere to the rules. I assist the solicitor in our Manchester office with providing guidance on a tendering process, which involves undertaking research and then advising of the possible consequences. We then outline the pragmatic action that the public body should take in the circumstances. Completing this task leads nicely to lunch.

1.00pm: I like to get some fresh air, so I go outside for a short walk and grab some food to help fuel me for the afternoon.

2.00pm: I receive an email asking me to review witness statements for an employment tribunal and to establish whether we have all of the necessary productions. There are various folders of papers and I spend a couple of hours checking them to ensure all of the documentation is there. I then input the production numbers into the witness statements and flag any concerns that I have.

4.00pm: A colleague asks if I can assist with drafting an article on an important employment legal development. This is published on our website and sent to clients. I’t is great exposure for TLT and helps make sure existing and potential clients are informed on the latest changes affecting their businesses.

5.30pm: The day is over already! Occasionally I need to stay late, to prepare for a hearing, or for some other matters with strict deadlines. Generally though I am able to leave at a friendly hour and enjoy activities outside of work. It's nice to have a productive day finished off with something active, such as the gym or a martial arts class. Tonight, however, I am off for pizza and drinks with colleagues, to celebrate another successful month - margherita's AND margarita's coming up!


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