TLT is continuing to support the Ministry of Eco Education (MEE) as it enters its next phase of growth this September.

MEE has created a green curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 that brings together all the best sustainability teaching resources available into one cohesive and holistic programme. It empowers children by giving them an up-to-date understanding of the environment, the relationship between humans and the rest of nature, and the complex systems and connections in the world. 

Having worked with Minchinhampton School to create a green curriculum, MEE is now running a pilot with 15 pioneer schools and has recruited more than 100 schools to continue this from September. 

In its next phase of growth, MEE is developing a Key Stage 3 version and galvanising interest from secondary schools. It aims to reach 10,000 schools – half of all primary schools – by 2025. 

Environmental sustainability is a key pillar of TLT’s growth strategy, and it is working with various organisations to help support green initiatives and share knowledge and best practice. Some of its other partnerships include Belmont, Forest Green Rovers, Action Net Zero, The Chancery Lane Project, the Legal Sustainability Alliance and the Aldersgate Group. 

Helen Taylor, trustee of the Green Britain Foundation, delivering the Ministry of Eco Education, says: “Today’s children are growing up in a world where environmental issues are an everyday concern, and we know from working with our schools that they have a lot of questions about what this means for them. 

“Our curriculum is designed to give young children a sense of agency and to help them prepare for the future by encouraging that curiosity and adventure. We have ambitious growth targets and are incredibly grateful for TLT coming on board as our first legal partner to help us raise awareness.” 

Maria Connolly, head of future energy and real estate and executive board member responsible for sustainability at TLT, says: “This is such a great project. It’s about inspiring the next generation and making sustainability a natural part of their lives – so that when they step into a work environment, it’s not about making a conscious decision to be more sustainable, it’s just what they do. 

“We are looking forward to supporting the Ministry of Eco Education as it continues to grow, and hope to be able to encourage more people to find out about this fantastic project and recommend it to their schools.” 


Our work with the Ministry of Eco Education

Date published

06 September 2022



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