Our people trust us to deliver a workplace that is open and inclusive, where everyone is supported in their work, development and wellbeing.

We value fairness and respect, and we believe that varied perspectives bring creativity, and creativity solves problems. We know it’s our differences that help us to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

We’ve placed equality and inclusion at the core of our strategy, and we are committed to delivering sustainable, meaningful change. We encourage everyone to be their whole self, to have a voice and to contribute.


“We want to be a firm that is attractive and accessible to everyone, and a firm that respects and welcomes people of all backgrounds and experiences. Our teams should be reflective of our communities, and the clients we work with. I am proud of our progressive approach, and of our affinity networks who play an integral role in our journey to becoming a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Esther Smith, Partner and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion  

Esther Smith

Empowering our open, inclusive and innovative culture

We want everyone at TLT to have the support they need to be fully themselves and perform at their best. Recognising that no two people's work and personal lives are the same, all our people initiatives are designed to create the right environment for colleagues to reach their potential. 

Whether that's utilising our flexible working approach, family policies, menopause and LGBT+ support or any of our other benefits, we're committed to doing the right thing by our people. 

Our enhanced menopause support includes free menopause testing and access to initiatives to help navigate the whole experience. Colleagues can book an appointment with a specialist doctor and receive a treatment plan tailored to their needs, as well as access digital support through the Peppy app.

In addition, our menopause champion network provides guidance on conversations with line managers and required workplace adjustments and connects people from across the firm. Learn more about our menopause support, or take a look at our menopause toolkit.

We offer enhanced family leave packages to all employees from your first day of employment with us.

  • Maternity / birthing parental leave – We offer 16 weeks at full pay, 16 weeks at half pay and statutory maternity pay for 7 weeks.
  • Paternity / non-birthing parental leave – We offer full pay for four weeks.
  • Shared parental leave – We match our maternity offering with full pay for 16 weeks, half pay for 16 weeks and ShPP for 5 weeks.
  • Adoption leave – We offer enhanced pay to match our maternity / birthing parent, paternity / non-birthing parent and shared parental leave pay.
  • Ramp up / ramp down - In addition, we offer a ramp up / ramp down programme for expectant and returning parents to support them during a critical period.
  • Family Leave Transition Support – Partnering with external experts Educating Matters, we offer bespoke learning and networking for expectant parents before, during and on their return to work.

We also recognise family life can be challenging and at times, we all need some extra help. We go beyond the statutory minimum for difficult moments including pregnancy loss, covering partners too, as well as parental bereavement. We also offer paid leave for hospital appointments for parents or carers of disabled children.

TLT has a trans and non-binary policy and guidance, which includes language and key terms, guidance on facilities, dress code, absence management. It includes support for trans and non-binary colleagues, both those who are transitioning and those who are not, along with guidance for managers. In addition, we offer a confidential reporting service for all employees to raise any issues anonymously.

Wellbeing at TLT

At TLT, our people are empowered to prioritise their health and wellbeing. We recognise what it means to be well is different for everybody, so our wellbeing approach has six key elements, looking through the lenses of financial, mental, social, spiritual, digital, and physical wellbeing. Some of us lean more on some elements than others, and there is no right or wrong way to do this - ultimately each of our people chooses to engage with what they feel best supports their wellbeing.

Our wellbeing strategy is underpinned by our framework of Promote, Prevent, Support: promoting the pursuit of wellbeing through a culture of openness about mental health, proactively preventing the decline of wellbeing of our people and providing maximum support where it is needed, throughout the employee lifecycle.

                     Wellbeing hexa

“TLT has made huge strides in making wellbeing an integral part of what we do, including the creation of a trained Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion network. These steps reflect our ambitions to create a culture that  promotes and sustains the positive wellbeing of our people, ensuring they feel supported in a flexible and considerate environment that allows them to  thrive.”

James Chadwick, Partner and Wellbeing Champion  

James Chadwick

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TLT Affinity networks

Our affinity networks are passionate and dedicated communities of people from across TLT, led by senior co-sponsors and committed to helping create a culture of respect. They create safe spaces for support, reflection, and debate – a place where those with shared or similar characteristics, as well as allies, can come together and grow. Beyond this sense of community, our networks act as a critical friend to the firm, making sure we remain progressive and aligned in our approach to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.


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