Managing your interactions with government

Legislation and policy can have a critical impact on a business. Commercially and reputationally, it’s essential your company is aware of and engaged in the ever-changing policy landscape. We help you navigate this complex environment, ensuring you’re able to shape policy outcomes to support business objectives.

With a wealth of public affairs expertise at our disposal, we help manage your interactions with central, regional and local government. Offering insights into the policy making process, we can help you understand why and how policy is created and implemented.

Through rigorous intelligence gathering, we provide strategic advice to shape your activities and engagement in this area. And we support you every step of the way, helping you build relationships and enhance your communications with key individuals, groups and committees. Whether via targeted events, roundtable sessions or private meetings, we can broker vital discussions with policy figures, giving you the access and audience you require to promote your business.

Ultimately, our aim is to help your company develop an influential voice in the setting or changing of policy and the legislation that flows from it. Putting your interests and objectives at the heart of future government initiatives.

Our approach

We deliver our public affairs consultancy service in four different ways:


One-stop specialist help, when you need it

Expert advice from our inhouse and third-party specialists, ensuring smooth and timely delivery.


Expert solutions to regulatory compliance risk

Tactical and strategic solutions to help you manage regulatory compliance risk.


Support on disputes, complaints and regulatory investigations

Help to identify risks and opportunities, build your factual and financial case, and manage relationships for optimal outcomes.


Targeted assistance for the delivery of specific projects and objectives

Multi-specialist team support and collaboration to help you achieve your goals, seamlessly project managed.


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