We help organisers of festivals, concerts and large indoor and outdoor events with all the legal requirements needed to operate successful events.

This can include obtaining alcohol licences and advice on health and safety through to commercial contracts with suppliers, debt recovery and advice on corporate structure. 

We work with music festivals of all sizes where some are running for the first time and others are well-established in the festival calendar. We also advise on large music concert and event venues such as football stadia and racecourses. 

We help draft operating schedules and event management plans for submission with applications. We frequently make new applications for large scale events where local residents, local businesses and the regulatory authorities object. We advise in relation to all dealings and consultations with the relevant parties and in particular the licensing authorities. 

Our team has supported a number of licence holders with significant enforcement matters. We conduct appeals before magistrates on a number of issues.  These can include appealing earlier decisions, obtaining additional hours, allowing greater music levels, removing restrictive conditions and increasing capacities at established events. We also advice on commercial matters such as litigation, debt recovery and insolvency of debtors or suppliers.

Our experience means we understand the operational  issues that particular types of premises or events may need to consider.

Dialogue and discussion is normally a feature of our approach and is critical, we believe, to any successful event. Our relationships with licensing officers allow an immediate dialogue, discussion and relationship to be developed leading to a positive outcome for our clients.


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