As property experts, you need legal advice that’s on your level, gets straight to the heart of the matter and adds real value.

That’s how we’ve developed such close relationships with property agents, facilities management companies, surveyors and other professional advisers such as architects and engineers or planning and environmental consultancies over the years. We can cut to the chase in a commercially-oriented way because we understand your business and the issues you face so well.

Whether you require advice on M&A deals, buy-and-builds, investments in (and by) other advisers, corporate structuring (including LLP partnerships and PLCs) or any other matter, our sector-focussed approach means we bring together all the different legal services you need under one roof to deliver the best possible advisory solution.

And in people-based businesses like yours where talent is key, that includes guiding you through issues relating to staff and incentives, from HR and employment law guidance to employee share schemes and benefits, to Employee Ownership Trusts and dispute resolution. After all, buildings aren’t the only assets in real estate…


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