When you're dealing with lots of suppliers and partners, reviewing multiple contracts can take up time and money.

In-house teams often have limited budgets, no specialist technology and are under pressure to deliver more strategic value.

Combining market leading artificial intelligence with legal advice from our specialists, TLT LegalSifter ‘sifts’ contracts to quickly find and resolve issues, enabling your in-house teams to focus on more strategically important work.

TLT LegalSifter comes out-of-the-box, fully trained and with TLT’s playbook of advice and alternative clauses. That playbook can be easily configured to reflect your own internal requirements, if needed. The solution, one of a series from TLT FutureLaw, is offered on a subscription basis and a legal helpdesk is available for any additional queries at no extra charge.

Contract review and negotiation is now fast and more effective.

How TLT LegalSifter can help



  • Contract review in a minute or two
  • At least 30% faster than humans on their own
Quality assured


  • As accurate, or more accurate, than humans
  • Market-leading legal advice embedded
  • Re-enforces preferred commercial positions 


  • Releases time for in-house counsel to provide strategic value
  • Allows junior staff to take on more rewarding work

How it works

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