Caroline is a renowned expert in subsidy control/state aid law and also a specialist in other international trade issues arising from both European and World Trade Organisation legal regimes, for example public procurement law and post-Brexit trade advice.  

She is the Chair of TLT’s International Trade group which advises central government and private sector clients on a range of international trade measures and post-Brexit legal advice. She is highly respected across a large number of UK central government departments having been seconded into Whitehall during the Brexit Transition Period and having also been lead external legal advisor on a number of national significant and complex central government projects.   

The depth of her experience in advising both public sector and government clients means Caroline can provide her clients with legal advice with an essential overlay of strategic insight. Caroline has led legal quality assurance reviews on a number of large-scale and critical infrastructure projects and has engaged with government governance committees at multiple levels. 

Caroline also delivers training to clients, in both the public and private sector, and is commended for her commercial and ‘Plain English’ approach to translating complex legal issues. 

She is also a member of TLT’s International steering group, which is responsible for managing the firm’s global strategic alliance partnerships. This allows TLT to act as a sole hub for our clients when seeking foreign legal advice in non-TLT covered jurisdictions, with TLT working with lawyers in the relevant country to provide seamless cross-border services for our clients.


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