Ed is an advisor in our Consultancy team, where he specialises in the financial aspects of regulation in digital and telecoms industries.

Ed has extensive experience in the telecoms sector, having spent 16 years in the industry. His experience includes being Finance Director of an Internet Service Provider, finance lead on the strategy for the introduction of broadband to the UK and Director of Regulatory Finance. He has defended investigations by the regulator, supported cases involving the Competition Commission and the Competition Appeals Tribunal and been called as an expert witness.

Prior to working with TLT, Ed was the Group Regulatory Finance Director for BT, where he led all aspects of regulatory financial reporting and compliance for BT’s multi billion-pound regulated markets including all lines, calls, local loop unbundled services, leased lines and Openreach services. He also led all financial support for sector market reviews, direction and appeals and the entire range of regulatory and competition issues for what is probably the most onerously and extensively financially regulated telecoms company in Europe.

Before joining BT Ed worked for several multinational corporations and as a consultant with Deloitte.