Payment Fraud Conference

Date published

12 October 2017

What can the industry do to tackle electronic payment fraud?

Ever more sophisticated payment scams are increasing the tension between customer convenience and customer protection. 

Twelve months on from the Which? super-complaint, TLT's Payment Fraud Conference brought together influential payment services experts to debate how the industry can safeguard customers and institutions from sophisticated payment fraud scams.

On the agenda

  • The trends in electronic payment fraud and what might this mean for the future.
  • The expectation on banks to protect customers.
  • The role of the customer and education in preventing fraud.
  • Customer convenience versus customer protection.
  • How the courts are interpreting the law.
  • What new measures and liabilities the industry might face in the future.
  • What lessons we can learn from tackling card and cheque fraud. 
  • Whether technology can help deliver practical solutions.

This event is now closed - but you can read a report of the discussion.


  • Carole Begent, General Counsel, Payment Systems Regulator
  • Emily Cox, Lead Lawyer, Which?
  • Shahmeem Purdasy, Legal and Policy Director, UK Finance 
  • Neira Jones, Advisory board member and ambassador for Emerging Payments Association and Non-Executive Director of Cognosec
  • Raymond Cox, QC, Fountain Court Chambers


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