Going forward, businesses active in both UK and EU markets must follow the terms laid down in the UK-EU trade agreement – the largest bilateral trade agreement in history. 

Our Brexit team is a multi-disciplinary group of specialists, including lawyers, technologists, knowledge management experts and project managers. We help organisations manage the impact of Brexit and develop strategies to effectively respond, and develop solutions to the challenges and opportunities that Brexit presents.

We can help you understand the overarching impact of Brexit – not just the legal impact – and consider any issues or pain points as well as creating bespoke solutions configured to your exact needs.

If you have any questions on how the post-Brexit trade terms will impact your organisation, please speak to a member of the team. With our international network of collaboration partners, including our strategic alliance with Holla Advocaten in the Netherlands and GSJ advocaten in Belgium, we are here to help.

Date published

25 January 2021

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