While there is a gradual return to the workplace, offices and the towns and cities they inhabit are changed forever as a result of the pandemic. What does this mean for planners, employers, building owners, developers and communities?

Follow our series of insights and events for analysis of the issues at play as the composition of our towns and cities changes in the short, medium and long term.

Date published

07 June 2021


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As our towns and cities evolve and survive, what will change in the long term?

Take a walk with us as Phil Moran from TLT and Rachael Sheratt from JLL discuss: as our towns and cities evolve and survive, what longer term changes are we expecting for them?


In this podcast we discuss the changes predicted for our post pandemic cities and where the biggest changes are taking place. 

Rachael and Phil discuss the difference between the changes in the big six regional cities and the growth in demand from the smaller towns, discussing points such as infrastructure, rent payment models and sustainability.

Evolving cities: Connectivity

Connectivity is key to the evolution of the high street, Stuart Murray and Alexandra Holsgrove Jones consider what investment inconnectivity has taken place in the high-street and how digital technology is going to influence the evolution in the future.

Evolving cities: The planning issues

There is a lot of discussion about what is going to happen to the traditional high street, with now flagship department stores. Andrew Ryan and Katherine Evans discuss a number of the planning issues when repurposing these vacant department stores.

Evolving cities: Buying from a receiver

Judith Allen and Phil Collis consider what do you need to be aware of when buying property from a receiver

Evolving cities: Changes of use

Donna Strong and PhilMoran talk about what changes of use we are seeing.

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