New built environment contract solutions tool encourages sustainable legal drafting.

We have worked with The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) to create a built environment contract solutions tool that will help those in the property industry - from lawyers to surveyors - to navigate climate-aligned drafting. The new tool helps drafters to find climate clauses and sustainability solutions that can be applied throughout the entire building lifecycle.


The interactive tool guides users through their legal contract journey, from Heads of Terms to reporting to clients. It highlights the documents typically used at each stage, points to TCLP contract clauses (freely available on the TCLP website) and highlights other sustainability issues to consider. It suggests climate solutions from pre-planning, planning, funding and construction, through to sale, lease, occupation and reporting to clients, also taking in employment and supply chain/procurement considerations.


The project brought a multidisciplinary team of lawyers from across TLT together to work on the toolkit for TCLP, the world’s largest collaboration of law firms and lawyers dedicated to using climate clauses to fight climate change. The initiative recognises the urgent need to decarbonise the built environment – as one of the largest contributors to climate change – and aims to accelerate net zero and sustainable drafting and make this the market standard. 

Date published

21 March 2023

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