The International Bar Association (IBA) conference always promises the opportunity to connect and learn from industry colleagues.

With this year’s event being held in Paris, we’re looking forward to bringing along a TLT delegation that includes TLT’s Head of Strategic Growth David Pester, and Corporate Partner Alice Gardner.

Ahead of the conference, they share more of what they’re looking forward to at this year’s event.

Meet Alice Gardner

What's your role at TLT?

I'm a corporate partner, advising clients on strategically important complex mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. Often corporate transactions have a cross-border element, as our client base is both UK and overseas based.

Can you share some details about what you’ll be involved with at the IBA event this year?

We'll be hosting a TLT reception at the main IBA conference. This will bring together our network of law firms that we regularly work with, to get to know them better and share ideas and opportunities. We're expecting lawyers to be there from across the globe, including Europe, USA, and India.

In addition to our own TLT event, I have a very busy schedule meeting other firms and attending their events, plus conference sessions on topics ranging from ESG in M&A to the impact of diversity and inclusion on decision making on corporate deals.

What’s special about the IBA conference?

The IBA main conference is a rare opportunity to meet up with a number of our independent alliance partners and preferred overseas firms whilst they're all in the same city, rather than needing to travel to different countries to catch up with colleagues. When we're at the IBA, we'll be showcasing TLT and deepening relationships with firms we already know well, as well as meeting new firms.

Meet David Pester

What’s your role at TLT?

Since I finished my role as Managing Partner in 2020, I started a newly formed Partner role as Head of Strategic Growth. So, I work across the firm to understand client need and market opportunities for the firm, helping on our journey of sustainable growth.

Part of that role has involved helping shape, with others at TLT, how we respond to client demand to build international capability for the firm when we need to work cross-border in support of the work we do for them.

Why is it important to cultivate TLT’s international capabilities?

At the end of the day, it’s about staying relevant to growing client need. It also represents a great chance to win new work from both existing and new clients, where other firms outside the UK may need our support in the delivery of advice to their clients.

What excites you the most about the future for TLT in the international space?

Building effective links takes time and patience. We're beginning to see the benefits of the last three years of building tactical connections internationally. When we started three years ago, our priority was about service delivery and being able to talk confidently about the work we can deliver with our international colleagues. The next phase will be about growth of work from those contacts, with more inbound referrals to TLT. We have a great brand with great people. The firms we've chosen to work with recognise that and are keen to do more with us, which is an exciting phase in the firm’s development to be part of.

If you’d like to learn more about TLT’s International reach and meet the team, visit our International page.

Date published

27 October 2023

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