The COVID relaxation allowing all premises licence holders to carry out off sales is coming to an end on 30 September 2023.

  • If your premises licence does not currently authorise off sales then you will need to apply to vary your licence to allow any off sales post 30 September 2023
  • If your premises licence authorises off sales, albeit subject to conditions, and you wish to continue to make un-restricted off sales after 30th September 2023 you will need to apply to vary your premises licence
  • The Government recommendation is that these changes can be approved by way of a minor variation although the process will ultimately be at the discretion of your local licensing authority
  • If your current premises licence authorises unrestricted off sales you will not need to vary your premises licence

Further changes have been announced in relation to:

  • Pavement licensing, extending the current regime through to the end of September 2024
  • Temporary event notices, bringing the entitlement back to pre – COVID limits

A further note on these changes will follow in due course.

If you wish to continue to make off sales post 30 September 2023 please contact a member of the TLT licensing team, we will be pleased to advise you on how you best protect your business.

This publication is intended for general guidance and represents our understanding of the relevant law and practice as at July 2023. Specific advice should be sought for specific cases. For more information see our terms & conditions.

Date published

21 July 2023


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