Ewen Macgregor, partner in TLT's licencing team, looks ahead to some of the key events of summer 2023 and how pubs and bars can maximise their trading opportunities.

As the days lengthen, and thoughts turn to warmer weather, there are some great opportunities for you to maximise your trading opportunities over the summer. We have set out below some of the steps that you should be taking to make sure that you make the most of the coming months.

Easter and the Bank Holidays

Some, but not all, premises licences provide for extended trading over Easter, and the bank holiday weekends. Check your premises licence to make sure that you do not miss out on any additional hours that you may be permitted to trade. Equally, and this may be a hangover from the previous licensing legislation, there may be restrictions on your licence over the Easter weekend. Again, check your licence and consider making an application to remove these restrictions. If time does not permit, then apply for a temporary event notice (TEN) to avoid these restrictions.

The King's Coronation

The coronation of His Majesty the King is due to take place on Saturday 6 May. On Sunday 7 May, a Coronation Concert will take place at Windsor Castle and will be televised live.

We fully expect the recent consultation on a blanket extension of licensing hours across England and Wales for the weekend to be passed, which would extend licensing hours from 11pm through to 1am on each of the nights of 5, 6 and 7 May.

Street Parties

In conjunction with the celebrations for the King’s coronation there may be an opportunity to run a bar at a coronation street party or event. Make sure you give yourself sufficient time to apply for a TEN!

Each local authority will have a slightly different process for street parties. It’s important to check the specific requirements in your area with your local authority. Local authorities will usually require between four and 12 weeks’ notice, and you will need to provide them with details of dates and times you would like any roads closed. You would also be wise to check that your public liability insurance covers any event that you are involved in.

External Bars

Gardens and/or outside spaces are a great way of providing an improved customer service. They also have the added benefit of additional supervision in your outside areas. If you’re interested in setting up an outdoor space at your premises, remember that an application to vary your licence will be required.

Pavement Licenses

Many pubs have taken advantage of the relaxations afforded by Covid and have applied for, and used to great benefit, a pavement licence. If you do not currently have a pavement licence, now is the time to apply, as draft regulations indicate that the time, and cost, for applying for these will increase post-September 2023.

Beer Festivals / Local Events

One of the very few positives that came out of Covid was a renewed sense of community and the essential place of hospitality venues in society. Local events are a great way to gather people together, provide food, drink and music, and remind everyone that even in tough times, there can be moments of fun.

Local Engagement

In all cases, tell your nearest neighbours (and where appropriate the council and police licensing officers) about your plans – and invite them to your local celebrations! This will hopefully avoid any awkward conversations or complaints in the future just as you are about to toast the coronation of His Majesty the King! 

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15 March 2023


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