UK law firm TLT has acted in a significant case helping secure the licensing for a bar aboard a cruise ship currently housing Ukrainian refugees

The case was led by legal director Niall Hassard, who acted on a pro-bono basis, due to the circumstances of the case and the importance of providing people with a certain level of comfort and familiarity during a difficult time.

People seeking refuge due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine have been given temporary accommodation on the Ambassador ship that is currently docked on the river Clyde in Glasgow.

Safeguarding and security were prioritised by both Ambassador and the Scottish Government throughout the process.

Niall said:

“It’s not simply about putting a bar on a boat. It’s about building a small village community, to try and encourage people out of their cabins and create a sense of normality for those on the ship who have been through a lot. Living aboard a boat after fleeing your country is obviously an intense and pressurised environment, and it’s important that these people are treated with dignity, first and foremost. I’m personally honoured to have been able to help with this case – and provide these people the opportunity to come together as a community to have a drink and relax. Ambassador has a very professional onboard crew that operates cruise ships in international waters.”

Stephen McGowan, partner and head of licensing (Scotland) said:

“Niall’s support for this client, in these challenging circumstances speaks volumes about not only our depth of client base, but also our commitment to be able to act pro bono when it is a deserving and important cause. Naturally, we all feel somewhat helpless following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, so if we can help in any way at all, we are delighted to be able to.”

Date published

11 November 2022



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