TLT has worked with the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) on its ‘Make the most of your data’ campaign, creating a toolkit that brings together best practice guidance, case studies and other resources to help businesses navigate the challenges in this space and to use their data effectively.


Estimated at £125bn in 2021 and growing twice as quick as the rest of the economy throughout the 2010s, the UK is the largest data market in Europe. Yet businesses report they are struggling to make the most of their data. The CBI’s 2021 Tech Tracker report found that businesses now have more data than they know what to do with, but DCMS research has highlighted that only 26% of companies are using data to generate business insights.

Business leaders are facing challenges on multiple fronts, with no sign of things letting up any time soon. In this increasingly complex and uncertain environment, data and analytics are critical tools to help businesses survive.

Gareth Oldale, Head of Data privacy and Cybersecurity commented: “The data protection landscape in the UK is complex and can seem daunting; there are many data protection and privacy rules and regulations to comply with and many businesses are also grappling with data ethics concerns.

“However, the organisations that we see succeeding most are those that view the data protection framework as an enabler to success rather than as a blocker. By capitalising on the data they have and using it effectively, businesses can better understand the issues they face in the present, predict the challenges coming down the line, and prepare to navigate them with confidence.

"We’re delighted to have partnered with the CBI on this valuable toolkit to help more businesses in their journey to making the most of their data.”

Date published

26 September 2022

'Make the most of your data' toolkit



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