TLT has been ranked in the Social Mobility Employer Index 2022, the leading authority on employer best practice, demonstrating the firm’s continued commitment to social mobility. The Index was created by the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) in 2017 and ranks UK employers on the action they take to ensure they are open to and progressing talent from all backgrounds.

It highlights the employers who are doing the most to change how they find, recruit, and advance talented employees from different social class backgrounds. Now in its sixth year, the Employer Index is the definitive benchmark of organisations committed to improving social mobility in the workplace.

TLT has been ranked 64 in the Index for the work the firm has done to ensure those from lower socio-economic backgrounds have the ability to succeed. This includes targeted outreach with organisations like Social Mobility Business Partnership as well as working with Rare Recruitment to contextualise the grades and achievements of school and college leavers

This news follows several impactful initiatives launched by the firm in recent weeks including the introduction of two new apprenticeship routes - the graduate solicitor apprenticeship and the legal solicitor apprenticeship and the launch of the firm’s first Social Mobility Network.

Helen Hodgkinson, Chief People Officer, says: “We’re so pleased to have been ranked in the Employer Index in recognition of what we’ve achieved so far but we know there is always more to do in this area to ensure we are accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds. Now more than ever all business needs to think hard and act, to access the best talent from all backgrounds. The pandemic period had a unique and often negative impact on all those in education and we have a collective responsibility to minimise its effect going forwards. Launching our apprenticeships alongside our new Social Mobility Network is a significant and exciting development in providing an open access to a career in law for all."

Sarah Atkinson, CEO, Social Mobility Foundation, said: "Congratulations to TLT for making the top 75 Employers in this year's Social Mobility Employer Index. TLT has now entered three years in a row and has improved its ranking. We know returning entrants scored nearly twice as high on average. By making the top 75 this year TLT have shown the value of entering the Index and acting on the feedback given for employers concerned about social mobility. We are delighted TLT can now encourage other employers to come onboard and experience what they have been able to achieve."

Rt Hon. Alan Milburn, Chair, Social Mobility Foundation, said: “The economic crisis is widening the deep social divide in Britain. Young people are on the frontline of this great divide which is why employer-led social mobility efforts are so vital to creating opportunity based on merit and not social class. The employers represented in this year’s Index are proving that it is possible for aptitude and ability, not background or birth, to decide your progress in life. They are doubling down on improving social mobility, but many more employers need to join them.”

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Date published

06 December 2022


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