TLT has secured the highly anticipated ‘Equinox’ licence for Glastonbury Festivals. 

The final licence, granted on 28 May 2021, contains all of the organisers’ requests, including noise provisions that will allow visitors to enjoy a great experience when they attend the new 50,000 capacity show at Worthy Farm in September.

TLT, which has advised Glastonbury Festivals on its licences since 2010, supported the team with its licence application and represented them at a series of high profile application hearings.

The licence has over 50 conditions and the application was particularly high profile and complex due to ongoing health and safety concerns under the global pandemic.

Matthew Phipps, partner and head of licensing (England & Wales) at TLT, says: “Noise is a crucial point in any event licence application, as any restriction on the requested volume and hours can have a significant impact on the overall concert experience.

“I am delighted to have helped Glastonbury Festivals to secure this licence. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the music and festival industries, and organisers and the public alike are eager to get back to normality.”

Earlier this year, TLT provided health, safety and environmental advice to Glastonbury Festivals for its Live at Worthy Farm event. In April 2021, Matthew contributed to the festival industry’s Purple Guide, with updated interim guidance on organising and managing festivals under Covid-19.

Date published

11 June 2021

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