Agnes Altmets, senior sustainability manager at TLT, joined reporter Sarah George on the sofa at edie’s Sustainability Leaders event to discuss the traits of the next generation of sustainable business leaders.

edie's long-running SustyTalk series evolved at the Sustainability Leaders Forum, with the edie team delivering in-person discussions with notable sustainability professionals.

Agnes discusses her long-standing passion for the environment that stems from her childhood in Estonia as well as studying Sociology at university where her research focused on sustainability. On 7 March 2022 at edie’s pre-forum sustainability skills seminar, Agnes sat on a panel about the next generation of business leaders. She notes the passion and enthusiasm younger generations hold and believes we must not forget to turn to them when trying to solve the climate crisis.

TLT’s sustainability team is led by lauded sustainability expert Agnes, who was the driving force behind Auto Trader becoming the first FTSE 100 company to achieve Carbon Literate Organisation accreditation. Her employee and community engagement work resulted in being nominated as one of edie’s 30 under 30 in 2019 and a finalist for Rising Sustainability Star in 2021.

Since working at TLT, Agnes has worked alongside partner and head of clean energy and real estate Maria Connolly to launch TLT’s first formal sustainability strategy. The strategy focuses on employee engagement with three key pillars – sustainable travel, sustainable purchasing and sustainable community.

Other key achievements have included:

  • Working in partnership with Carbon Intelligence to develop a road map to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025

  • Introducing a sustainability hub on the firm’s intranet

  • Setting up a mandatory Environmental Awareness course, which will have to be taken by all TLT employees

Agnes says: “I’ve been working in sustainability for over ten years, and it’s an absolute honour to work with such a passionate and progressive law firm as TLT. Sustainability is a key part of the firm’s strategy and we are making significant headway as we formalise our plans and work hard to bring about measurable changes in how we operate”.


Date published

05 April 2022


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