TLT supports Warrington BC with CPO

TLT has supported Warrington Borough Council with the making of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) in relation to a major highway infrastructure scheme. 

The Centre Park Link project seeks to deliver a new link road, including a new bridge across the River Mersey, to alleviate town centre traffic congestion, as well as opening up the adjacent land for development. 

CPOs allow public bodies, including councils, to obtain land or property without the owner's consent – often as part of an infrastructure scheme to deliver wider public benefits. The council is focussed on acquiring land by agreement wherever possible, and will continue negotiation efforts in the hope that it does not have to ultimately resort to using the powers of compulsory purchase that are currently being sought.

The CPO was made by the council on 11 July and was published in accordance with government guidelines on 19 July. The CPO will now be submitted to the Secretary of State for confirmation and the closing date for objections to the CPO is 10 August. 

TLT is supporting Warrington Borough Council on the end-to-end process for the delivery of the Centre Park Link Road scheme. The firm has advised on and managed the CPO process and will continue to act to assemble the land required for the new road. 

Debbie Reynolds, planning associate and compulsory purchase specialist at TLT, who was instructed by the council, says: "This is an exciting and much-needed highway infrastructure scheme, and a great project to be instructed on. The council has been working hard to assemble the land required for the delivery of the new road and has made significant progress in that regard; however, in order to ensure the timely delivery of the scheme, the CPO has proven necessary."

Date published

19 July 2018



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