TLT’s Futurelaw team has won the Future of Legal Services Innovation award (Mid-Sized Private Practice) at’s Legal Innovation Awards, celebrating the successful development and launch of TLT Concierge, a next generation legal front door solution for in-house legal teams.

The Legal Innovation Awards, now in their 9th year, celebrate excellence in innovation by lawyers from private practice and in-house legal departments working in tandem with colleagues in other supporting disciplines.

TLT Concierge was designed and built by TLT’s FutureLaw team before then successfully launching it in September 2022 in collaboration with TLT’s business development team. This resulted in widespread media coverage, engagement on social media and direct contact from a variety of in-house teams.

As a legal work inflow management tool with a simple and secure online platform, TLT Concierge is the next generation of legal front doors. Moving beyond the simple legal work intake tools of the past, it allows businesses to take control of their legal queries and workflow and, with analytics and automation built in, enables legal teams to better demonstrate their value and identify commercial opportunities. TLT Concierge is both configurable and easy to integrate with the full document lifecycle management capabilities of TLT One – an existing offering from TLT.

The solution was designed following extensive consultations with clients, during which it became apparent that one of the biggest challenges facing in-house legal teams is their ability to manage BAU work while demonstrating value to their business. TLT Concierge captures data, giving in-house teams a better view of the way the wider business interacts with them, allowing them to improve processes, proactively solve problems and be strategic partners as well as service providers.

Siân Ashton, TLT partner and head of FutureLaw commented: “We are honoured to have won this prestigious award recognising the market-leading solutions being developed by TLT’s FutureLaw team.

“Based on our conversations with clients, we know that in-house legal teams are facing a myriad of demands. For example, increasingly complex business structures are requiring legal teams to weigh into governance and to support the growth and development of the business while still continuing to deliver and support on an increasing volume of BAU work. These demands are intensifying pressure on in-house legal teams to transform how they operate, embrace technology and the use of data, and review how they show value to the business. TLT Concierge, developed with the main concerns of our clients in mind, provides a one-stop shop, which will help in-house teams overcome these challenges. We’re incredibly proud that the launch of TLT Concierge was singled-out in these awards. Congratulations to the team.”

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For more information on TLT Concierge, visit: TLT Concierge - TLT LLP


Date published

01 June 2023



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