As a firm with ambitious sustainability goals, we jumped at the chance to sign the Greener Litigation Pledge and have been busy living by its promises ever since.

In June 2022, we established our Greener Disputes Committee – a cross-firm team of pioneering dispute lawyers that's already achieved an incredible amount in a short space of time.

In the first six months, the committee:

  • Rolled out firmwide training to contentious fee earners encouraging them to introduce sustainable conduct into their matters and advising them on how to do this.
  • Became the first law firm (to our knowledge) to introduce sustainable conduct provisions alongside more traditional court directions in the Commercial Court in London.
  • Introduced the concept of sustainable conduct in how we work with our clients from the outset of a matter. For example, we say that we wish to work with clients in a sustainable way in our letters of engagement. We are also seeking to work sustainably with third parties such as counsel, experts, mediators, courts and opponents wherever possible.
  • Drafted and rolled out across the firm a set of precedents that promotes sustainable conduct and which is already being used by our disputes teams.
  • Worked with a commercial client to create a bespoke set of precedents that promotes sustainable conduct in seeking to resolve disputes both pre and post issue.
  • Provided training to a banking client on conducting greener litigation.
  • Continued to sit on various court user groups, allowing us to seek to influence change.

Please watch this short video to find out more about the pledge, our committee and how we can work together to promote sustainable conduct in litigation.

Date published

03 January 2023

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