Integrated retirement communities form a large part of the housing provision. The sector is facing many challenges, including that of supply and demand.

We have recorded a series of short Q&A podcasts where we speak to Integrated Housing Community providers to discuss the support that they need to upscale their facilities and the future tone of the sector. We also look at the issues that they are currently facing and what they expect to see over the next 12 months.

One Housing Group

In this podcast Shazia Bashir, partner at TLT, speaks with Martin D’Mello, Group Director of Care & Support at One Housing Group about: 

  • what promoted OHG to look into the care sector;
  • what has promoted their growth;
  • how OHG have gone about creating a business model aligning the needs of the provider with the needs of the consumer;
  • OHG’s point of view on policies to encourage future development of the sector and how the government can support this;
  • how do OHG drive investment in the area;
  • whether more collaboration between Local Authorities, affordable housing developers and investors in order to drive the uptick needed to ensure we have enough of the right schemes in the right areas to meet the needs of the UK’s changing population;
  • what issues the sector is facing and how to overcome them; and what OHG expect to see in this sector in 2022. 


Housing Solutions

Shazia Bashir, Partner at TLT, speaks with Emily Orme, Head of Housing at Housing Solutions.

We discuss the market factors that they think are driving increased development in health and social housing; how the development of health and social housing fits into Housing Solutions housing strategy; challenges Housing Solutions are facing in developing health and social housing as mixed tenure schemes and what needs to change to overcome these challenges; how technology can be easily integrated within these developments; how technology and the population demographic for health and social housing could change future developments; potential challenges with developing green in the future; future government funding for health and social housing providers; and how the sector will develop over the medium to long-term.


Linda Convery, Partner at TLT, discusses the sector with Lex Cumber, Head of Membership and Operations at ARCO.

We discuss what support the sector needs from the government in order to rapidly upscale social care facilities; the difference in naming conventions for the sector and whether ARCO feel that this is hampering the development of the sector; how to make public buying affordable and acceptable; whether there is anything more that the sector could do to breakdown some of the market barriers and perceptions by the public; mapping for demand in the future ensuring the right balance of mid-market and high-end facilities available; any other considerations which developing schemes in this market need to be aware of; and what the short to medium term hold for the sector.


Date published

13 January 2022



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