Data is vital to your business success, but how should you set up the right systems and processes to get the best out of it whilst complying with regulations?

In this episode, Nina Searle and Andrew Jennings are joined by Emma Erskine-Fox, associate in the Data, Privacy and Cybersecurity team, to take a detailed look at everything you need to know about data collection and storage from a pragmatic legal perspective.


In this conversation you’ll learn:

  • What the key principles of the GDPR are and which aspects of the regulations you really need to be paying attention to
  • The legal obligations for scale-up businesses like yours and the implications of breaching these regulations
  • The practical steps that you can take to achieve data protection compliance and keep your business safe

The panel also answer some of the most commonly asked questions and give real-world examples to help you achieve good data practices and data compliance as you grow your business.

Whatever your business goals, this series will give you the insights you need to stay on course to achieve them.

If you are interested in data protection compliance or have questions about anything we discuss in the show, please get in touch at

Date published

11 March 2020


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