As a scale-up business you need to attract and retain the best talent to help grow your business.

You may not have the budget to complete with established businesses but there are other way to incentivise the team. Listen to this episode to learn about share-based schemes.

Once you have attracted and recruited the right people to help grow your business, you need to keep the team engaged and motivated. 

In this episode Nina Searle and Andrew Jennings are joined by colleague Lucy Hedges, who specialises in helping businesses set up share incentive schemes, to talk about the options open to scale-up businesses.

In this conversation you’ll learn:

  • How you can compete with your bigger competitors by using ‘non-cash’ incentives to reward your team.
  • What you need to know if you’re thinking of doing this and how to structure an effective employee incentive plan.
  • The importance of clear communication when it comes to explaining your incentive plan to your team.

The panel also answer some of the most commonly asked questions and give real-world examples to help you as you take the next steps in developing incentives to motivate your growing team.

Whatever your business goals, this series will give you the insights you need to stay on course to achieve them.

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Date published

20 April 2020

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