Heads of Terms are a key part of any investment deal and something that you’ll want to make sure you get right from the start. Listen to this podcast episode to find out why this document is so useful and what you need to think about as you negotiate yours.

In this episode Nina Searle and Andrew Jennings are joined by Charlie Robinson, Partner at YFM Equity Partners to take a detailed look at everything scale-up businesses need to know about Heads of Terms and why they are so important when seeking funding from a third party investor.

In this conversation you’ll learn:

  • what Heads of Terms are and why they are important
  • how they form the basis of the ongoing partnership with your investors and what you should think about including
  • the key areas to include in Heads of Terms
  • what investors will be looking for in the Heads of Terms and when you need to think about getting proper legal advice as part of the negotiation

As well as going into detail on the topics above, the panel answer some of the most commonly asked questions on Heads of Terms and share some cautionary tales to help you avoid the pitfalls that may catch you if you are not properly prepared.

Whatever your business goals, this series will give you the insights you need to stay on course to achieve them.

If you are interested in private equity investment, you can find out more at YFM Equity Partners, and you can find Charlie on LinkedIn.

And if you have any questions about anything we discuss in the show, please get in touch at scaleupinsights@tlt.com

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Date published

14 February 2020



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