The transition to electric vehicles is well underway, with the UK's impending petrol and diesel car sales ban fuelling the market. 

Ahead of COP26, Cornwall Insight and TLT spoke to industry leaders about the UK’s progress with the charging infrastructure required for this transition and asked what is needed to address the challenges around funding these essential projects.

Based on in-depth analysis of the UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) market and drawing on the knowledge and experience of leading stakeholders in the EV charging space, the report covers:

  • The need for greater clarity from policymakers and planning authorities to allow roll-out at scale

  • The approaches needed to maximise future profitability from EVCI projects

  • Possible business models for destination charging where utilisation may be lower

  • The differing approaches to EVCI roll-out in Northern Ireland and Scotland

  • Why investor interest is likely to increase dramatically in the next few years

  • The need for recognition of the differing needs fleet and commercial drivers have

  • How to unlock value from EV charge points through smart solutions and energy storage

  • The urgent need to accelerate the deployment of EVCI through debt funding and where this might come from

Date published

20 October 2021



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