TLT talks to Briefing about Future Law

From setting up an innovation fund to putting clients front and centre of our digital strategy, we talk to Briefing about TLT's Future Law journey so far.

Briefing, the publication that focuses on strategic operational and business services professionals at the UK's top law firms, has turned its spotlight on what we've been developing here at TLT. 

Speaking to James Touzel, head of our Digital team, Siân Ashton, client service transformation partner, and Ian Lauwerys, head of IT and facilities, Briefing follows our Future Law journey, from setting up the fund to developing bespoke client digital strategies. As Siân says, the innovation process can involve technology, process redesign, different or extra documentation or bringing in fresh skills. 

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Photo of Briefing magazine TLT Future Law interview

This article first appeared in the November 2019 issue of Briefing magazine.


Date published

12 November 2019


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