On 11 April 2022 the first of a number of changes to the UK’s economic migration routes come into force.

Of greatest significance is the closure of existing routes, including intra-company transfers, which will fall under a new umbrella category of Global Mobility Business Routes. Three new routes are also being introduced for secondment workers, high potential individuals and scale-up workers.

Affected UK businesses and overseas businesses looking to expand into the UK or provide services/secondees to the UK should take note of what’s ahead.

In our summary guide we walk you through what changes are taking place and the headline points to be aware of. Further detailed guidance on many of the practicalities surrounding these changes is still awaited from UK Visas and Immigration.

If you have any queries on these changes and how they may impact your business or existing UK sponsor licence please contact Joanne Hennessy.


Written by

Joanne Hennessy

Joanne Hennessy

Date published

07 April 2022


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