The past 24 months has seen strong UK M&A activity, although with a slow-down in the second half of 2022 triggered by political instability, rising interest rates, energy and supply chain issues and war in the Ukraine.

We expect the market to regain buoyancy in 2023 as the economic, political and global outlook hopefully begins to stabilise.  Valuing businesses will remain challenging and we anticipate enhanced due diligence for many businesses, particularly in the financial services, national security and ESG space.  Timing is, as ever, an important part of all transactions - parties and their advisers need to spot early on where a regulatory or other approval is required so that the process can be navigated smoothly and efficiently.

Our M&A Market Monitor Report 2023 looks at key legal issues negotiated on the acquisition and disposal of private companies over the past two years.  We also make our predictions for the coming months.

Date published

20 February 2023



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