We were pleased to contribute to the Parliamentary Internet, Communications and Technology Forum (PICTFOR)’s ‘Tech for Good, Tech for Growth’ report.

Examining how technology can benefit society – and how we must prepare for future technological advances – the report shares insights from industry leaders into technology’s role in addressing national and global challenges, alongside showcasing tech-enabled community benefit programmes.

In the report, we explore the contemporary landscape of AI regulation and the challenges of designing and implementing an AI regulatory framework in the UK, including the regulation of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs). Read the full report here.

The largest All-Party Parliamentary Group, PICTFOR brings together Parliamentarians and key figures in the internet, communications and technology sectors to champion the transformational impact that tech can have on communities and society. Learn more about PICTFOR: https://pictfor.org.uk/about/

Date published

06 November 2023

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