To meet the ambitious target of net zero by 2050 the industry needs to take a multi-faceted approach to managing energy supply and demand. 

This approach will create an energy network that is carbon neutral, fit for purpose, and can manage future energy needs by utilising the full range of clean energy technologies.

TLT's clean energy team have produced a report which discusses the UK’s transition to transport electrification and reflects on how the industry can support and fund the growth of EV charging infrastructure. It also provides an overview of the UK’s energy storage market and assesses the potential of co-located and multi-technology projects.

Read our report to find out:

  • which trends are driving the clean energy sector over the next 12 months;
  • how energy storage can be put into play to drive e-mobility;
  • what is needed to develop and grow EVCI;
  • the benefits and challenges associated with multi-technology projects;
  • how project funding is likely to be achieved in different scenarios.

Date published

23 September 2020

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