The Covid-19 pandemic has been a real test of agility for retailers. The need to act quickly and make difficult decisions has put a strain on many aspects of the industry. But, it has also presented some opportunities and forced retailers to tackle issues that have been there for a long time.

We spoke to 100 leading UK retailers about how lockdowns, travel restrictions and an increase in online shopping and homeworking are rapidly reshaping the way consumers interact with their businesses.

Read our report to find out how retailers are responding to:

  • The effect of the pandemic on retail jobs.
  • How the risk of abuse against retail workers has increased and other employment risks.
  • Advancements in equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • The evidence that online growth does not necessarily mean a shift away from physical stores.
  • Arguments for new ways of measuring the value of stores.

Date published

25 November 2020

What is the impact of the pandemic on people and jobs? 


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