The pandemic caused a significant increase in online shopping as non-essential retailers were forced to close and people were advised to stay at home.

Despite a return to physical stores, the market share of online will remain elevated even after the pandemic and play an even more important role in retail.

Our latest research among the UK’s top 100 retailers reveals that IT and digital capabilities are failing to keep pace with demand, and the challenges and opportunities with improving the omnichannel experience.

As well as protecting the future of the physical high street, retailers need to consider whether their current infrastructure and investment strategies provide solid enough foundations for an increasingly busy “virtual high street”.

Read the report to discover:

  • Which IT systems are most in need of improvement
  • How retailers plan to improve their e-commerce platforms
  • The impact of a lack of IT budget on digital transformation
  • Strategies for addressing a lack of systems integration
  • The challenges with realising the full value of customer data 

Date published

07 June 2021

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