Retailers have been facing pressures on all sides with customers experiencing a decrease in confidence and spending power due to the continuing cost of living crisis. Despite these challenges, retailers have remained resilient, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of their customers.

According to our latest research, among the UK's top 100 retailers, three key strategies are being implemented. These strategies aim to secure profit margins in the short term while building resilience for the future.

In this report – featuring a comment from Richard Lim, CEO at Retail Economics and expert analysis from our lawyers we take a look at three critical areas including:

  • People – How retailers are investing in workforces to enhance retention and improve customer service.

  • Product – How retailers are re-engineering their offerings and refining pricing strategies to improve efficiency.

  • Supply chains – How retailers are reconfiguring logistics and embracing digital technologies for sustainable growth.

Our report offers valuable insights for retailers navigating the "Permachallenge" and provides confidence that these challenges can be overcome through dynamic business strategies.

Date published

20 June 2023



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