With in-house teams under extreme pressure to cut costs and operate more efficiently, document automation promises huge pay-offs in time, reduced risk and quality. What can you learn from those who've already seen the benefits? 

We recently teamed up with Clarilis, Earlsferry Advisory and in-house leaders from Biffa and Ocado to talk about the future of automation for in-house teams.

Now you can read the report from the event, featuring:

  • Top 3 takeaways for taking on legaltech programmes
  • Predictions for 2021
  • A document automation case study

Once you've read the report, why not find out if your business is getting good ROI on your in-house team (and whether automation could help) by taking Clarilis' quick survey, which will provide you with a detailed, anonymous but personalised analysis. 

You can also find out more about our own document automation solution, TLT Intelligent Drafting

Date published

01 April 2021

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