Digital solutions are upending established processes and strengthening commercial relationships across nearly all sectors and industries in the global economy. 

Many consumers may love the fact that stepping foot inside a bank now seems like a distant memory, but for businesses the real value of the digital revolution has been data. With the right tools and processes, companies are using data to provide better services, operate more efficiently and breathe new life into ingrained ways of working.

The legal industry is no different, and the ‘Legal Front Door’ (LFD) is helping to redefine the traditional relationship between firms and their business clients. By setting up dedicated client portals, legal firms are making it easier for clients to submit instructions and see their progress. But LFDs also provide firms with more visibility about the way their clients are interacting with them, allowing them to optimise processes, proactively solve problems and become strategic partners as well as service providers.

Date published

19 April 2021

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