For many, hospitality is about escapism, but the pandemic has seen a change in customer priorities and it’s essential that businesses know what their customers want and how to respond.

In this interview with Louise MacLean, sales and marketing director at Signature Pubs, we hear how a free customer survey revealed that people didn’t want to come back to discounts or a party atmosphere after the first lockdown – 81% said they wanted to feel safe.

Louise explains how this changed Signature Pubs’ strategy, the decisions they’ve made, how she and the team have found inspiration and kept going, and as she looks to the future, what services they’ll be keeping and stopping after the pandemic.

As Louise says, “If they [your customers, suppliers and staff] can’t tell you how they’re feeling, no one else will,” and just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean your customers won’t.

Date published

22 April 2021

Interview with Louise MacLean, Signature Pubs

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