As ESG becomes a business imperative it is also shaping the next generation of our cities. Green buildings and associated infrastructure, green finance, and changing working practices are all driving a shift in the way that commercial developments are planned and delivered. Whereas a growing awareness of sustainable living is shaping the residential sector - driving future-living concepts and modern city-based later-living. To meet this demand, we’re seeing a rise in innovative construction methods and materials, and increased use of technology as a driver for modern living and repurposing retail & leisure spaces to meet the demand for city living. 

In this video, we bring together experts from TLT and Savills to give their perspective on the issues and trends driving the shape of our cities: 

  • What does the next generation of our cities look like and will the concept of the walking cities become a reality?
  • Why is ESG such an important driver in the development of next generation cities? 
  • How are developers innovating to incorporate ESG principles in future commercial and residential projects?
  • How is ESG influencing city planning and can it drive future development and investment? 
  • What are the top three considerations for developers if they wish to future proof their projects?
  • Are modern methods of construction in the UK more sustainable?
  • How is the demand for green energy & infrastructure shaping our cities and future developments?

Issues and trends driving the shape of our cities: expert view from Savills & TLT

This video features the following:

  • David Cobban, Head of Office & Business Space Team, Savills
  • Howard Beach, Partner, Real Estate, TLT
  • Donna Strong, Partner, Real Estate, TLT
  • Alastair Wood, Director, Planning, Savills
  • Stacey Cassidy, Partner, Projects, Infrastructure & Construction, TLT
  • Thomas McMillan, Director, Energy, Renewables and Infrastructure, Savills

Date published

21 November 2023


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