Webinar: Practical adoption of AI in research contracts management

TLT partnered with Research Consulting, Legal Sifter and the University of Southampton to discuss how AI technology is helping research contracts teams, enhancing their work through time, quality and consistency improvements.

This webinar aims to share perspectives on how AI-based systems can augment legal work, looking specifically at research contract management in universities. Speakers include:

  • Dan King, Research Consulting, who provides a contextual overview and relevant past work on research contracts by Research Consulting.
  • Kevin Miller, CEO LegalSifter, who talks through emerging technologies and solutions and their work in piloting solutions with universities.
  • James Touzel, partner at TLT, who explores how contracts teams are leveraging this technology in the UK.
  • Letitia Baldock, Director of Legal Services, University of Southampton, who provides a practical perspective on the experiences of exploring these technologies in delivery.

Date published

23 September 2019


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