Long overdue reforms on the way

It’s commonly accepted that Northern Ireland has desperately needed a modernisation of its licensing laws for many years now. Licensing laws which have made business all the more challenging for the leisure sector. But long-awaited legislative changes are on the way at last, with breweries, distilleries and cideries amongst those who will benefit, bringing with it a potential boost to tourism in Northern Ireland.
We joined forces with Business Eye, in addition to experts from the NI and Scottish drinks sector and tourism. They considered the opportunities these changes could bring, with particular reference to experiences in Scotland, and what next steps those in NI need to take to capitalise on these reforms.

We have put together a handy guide on licensing in Northern Ireland and the opportunities from the upcoming legislation reform that covers key areas for local producers to consider ahead of April 2022. Download your copy below. 

Date published

21 October 2021

Licensing law in Northern Ireland

Long overdue reforms on their way



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