According to our latest research among the UK’s top 100 retailers, two fifths plan to use the metaverse in the future, and many are concerned about the legal and reputational risks in these virtual worlds, from harassment and abuse to cybersecurity and IP infringement.

In this video, Ed Hayes and Christopher Cameron discuss the top perceived risks in the metaverse for businesses in all sectors, and how businesses should be responding to the latest legal and market developments in their approach to data protection and cybersecurity more generally.

They share their expert views on future risks that will come from today’s digital developments, misconceptions about risks and risk management, and best practice considerations.

They cover important issues like:

  • New legal obligations under the Online Safety Bill
  • New types of data that businesses will start collecting in the future
  • The application of existing laws to new digital platforms
  • What we can learn from previous seemingly disruptive technologies
  • Regulatory v reputational risks with the handling of personal data

Date published

12 December 2022

Managing legal risks in the metaverse



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