Our Head of Data, Privacy and Cybersecurity Gareth Oldale and Partner in the Technology and IP team, Michelle Sally share their insights and experience in an ITN Business programme 'The Future of Work: People, Culture and Tech'.

Presented by Duncan Golestani the programme explores how evolving technologies, cultural shifts and workplace dynamics are redefining professional landscapes, hearing from businesses at the forefront of shaping how and where we work and asking industry insiders about what they expect for the future.

Our film focuses on the complexities organisations have to navigate as they consider the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI. With emerging legislation set to change how AI is regulated, employers need to be aware of the risks they may face. Our teams work to support and advise organisations on how to strike the balance between innovation and managing risk.

In this film Gareth and Michelle share:

  • what is drawing organisations to implement AI
  • how legislation will affect business who have already implemented AI tools
  • lower-risk options for employers who want to implement AI

You can watch the full programme, featuring key industry and news-style reports along with sponsored editorial profiles from CIPD, Institute for the Future of Work, ScaleUp Institute, Gallup, Matrix, Mental Health UK and Vistage here: The Future of Work: People, Culture, Tech - ITN Business

Date published

12 June 2024



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