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The way in which our cities are shaped is being driven by changes in working practices and a focus on social values. But what do we mean by social values and what practical implications will they have for owners, occupiers and investors?

ESG, sustainability, mental health & wellbeing and ED&I are not only top of the boardroom agenda, these social values are also impacting on the way in which cities evolve. In this webinar we look at how wellbeing in and out of the workplace and sustainability are shaping our future cities.

We discussed...

  • Wellbeing in and out of the workplace ­- We explored what employers need to be doing to ensure employee wellbeing, but also what building occupiers can do from a practical perspective to improve the employee experience.
  • Sustainability ­- We considered how organisations can take action to address the climate crisis through drafting, and we also looked at how a focus on sustainability is leading to the creation of smart buildings and what this means for the use of AI and data collection.

Evolving Cities

How are social values shaping our cities?

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