Safeguarding national security from hostile foreign parties continues to be a priority across the world, with the UK’s National Security and Investment Act coming into effect on 4 January 2022, and the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries around the world all looking to implement their own national security regimes.

However, it’s a fine balancing act – how do we protect our vital interests and ensure an open economy which encourages investment and international collaboration?

In a joint webinar with our strategic partner firms Holla legal & tax and GSJ Advocaten we looked at the scope and impact of the proposed new regimes in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium and what you need to know to avoid being caught out. If you missed it, you can watch on demand.

We covered...

  • the meaning of “national security” – this goes far beyond what you might expect, capturing critical suppliers and dual­-use technology, products and services;
  • trigger events – more than a simple change in ownership; and
  • their “look back” effect – you can’t accelerate your way out of scrutiny.


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