Tech for good - From good intentions to good outcomes

As part of Bristol Tech Festival 2021 we hosted a panel on ‘Tech for good’. Innovative uses of data can create huge benefits for the public sector, companies, and individuals. Some of the smartest new and growing tech providers are active in sectors as diverse as financial services, healthcare, and policing. But good intentions don’t always result in good outcomes where data is concerned, and uses of personal data are heavily regulated and carry significant commercial, financial, and reputational risks if things go wrong.

We explored the extensive industry expertise of the panellists to look at how technologies such as AI, machine learning, and augmented and virtual reality can be provided and deployed in a way that ensures best intentions at the outset don’t lead to problems down the line; and how buyers and suppliers of tech solutions can ensure compliance with myriad data protection laws.

The panel was chaired by Associate Emma Erskine-Fox and included:

  • Amy King, Co-Founder, People Matter

  • Catherine Allen, Co-Founder, Limina Immersive

  • Joyann Boyce, Founder, Arima & Co

  • Ed Hayes, Partner, TLT

Bristol Tech Festival 2021

Tech for good - from good intentions to good outcomes

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International Home Working: Implications for tech businesses to consider

With COVID-19 impacting our working habits, many technology businesses are embracing a fully remote workforce.

For most this will not prove an issue, but what considerations need to be made when working from home means working in a different country?

Sarah Skeen, associate in our employment team joined the webinar hosted by BDO to discuss the tax and legal implications of staff working from their home jurisdiction on a permanent basis.

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