Do a contract review in a minute or two, with a combined intelligence solution.

We know your business runs on contracts, but your business isn’t contracts. With pressure greater than ever to deliver more strategic value, there is a better way.

TLT LegalSifter analyses contracts to quickly find and resolve contract issues. Combining artificial intelligence with automated, on-screen legal advice from our legal specialists, TLT LegalSifter ‘sifts’ contracts to quickly find and resolve issues. Helping you negotiate contracts quickly and efficiently. More accurate than humans on their own, TLT LegalSifter is consistent and 30% faster.

The combined intelligence® of TLT LegalSifter does the heavy lifting, so that your in-house teams get more value from your contracts while freeing time to focus on more strategically important work.

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TLT LegalSifter can be used on its own or as part of TLT One or TLT Concierge

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