Managing your contracts effectively is a core business need, but many in-house legal teams say it's a disjointed, labour intensive, inefficient and risk prone process.

Without specific technology to help, and with limited resources and budget, it can be difficult to prepare and negotiate contracts efficiently, track, manage and exploit commercial opportunities on behalf of the business.

TLT One is a document, task and contract lifecycle management solution that blends market-leading technology with on demand specialist legal expertise.

TLT One is available through a series of standalone and interconnecting modules to best suit the needs of your team and your business, helping you achieve better outcomes by increasing efficiency, managing risk and illuminating opportunity.  It's one of a series of solutions from TLT FutureLaw.

Key benefits


Increases efficiency

Manage your tasks more effectively

Better collaboration with your advisers

All your documents and data in one place

Quality assured

Improves quality

Embed your standard processes, templates and playbooks

Audit trail evidences compliance

Reduce your risk

Illuminate opportunity

Realises opportunity

Capture, analyse and report on key commercial information

Release your time to deliver more strategic value

How it works


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